The difference between colored spinning and dyed yarn


Is the dyed yarn colored spinning? Dyed yarn: It is for […]

Is the dyed yarn colored spinning?

Dyed yarn: It is formed by dyeing the yarn through a dyeing process, which is first spinning and then dyeing.

Dye spinning: the yarn is formed by first dyeing the fiber and then spinning, in the order of "first dyeing, then spinning".
The advantages of color spinning:

1. The colored spinning yarn shows a variety of colors on the same yarn, the color is rich, full and soft. The fabric woven with colored spinning yarn has a fuzzy three-dimensional effect, the color is subtle, natural and layered.

2. Spinning with its unique production process of "first dyeing, then spinning;" not only shortens the subsequent production process, reduces production costs, but also reduces environmental pollution.

3. The color spun fabric has the characteristics of three-dimensional color, soft hand feeling, good elasticity, and light and soft color. It is widely used in knitted products and is favored by consumers. The market prospect is promising.

4. The production process of dyed yarn after dyeing, saving water and reducing emissions by more than 50% compared with traditional processes, meets the requirements of low-carbon environmental protection.

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