The main measures to strengthen the safety management of textile machinery and equipment


1 Equipment safety protection device The safety protect […]

1 Equipment safety protection device
The safety protection device refers to the safety protection barrier formed between people and dangers, which is helpful to reduce hidden safety hazards, but the safety protection device must meet the safety technical requirements suitable for its protection function. Qualified textile machinery and equipment are generally equipped with safety protection devices, but in order to ensure safety more effectively, some protection devices can be added as needed.
2 Equipped with protective equipment
In order to protect the operator from injury when using the machine, it can be equipped with appropriate labor protection equipment to play a role in safety defense, such as hard hat, hearing protection, fall protection and so on.
3 Proper use of equipment safety information
The safety information of the equipment is composed of words, marks, signals or diagrams, and is used in the form of single or combined use to convey the information to the user to guide the user to use the information safely, reasonably and correctly. Equipment safety information mainly includes signals, warning devices, signs, symbols, safety colors, text warnings, random files, etc.

4 Strengthen training and education and improve safety regulations
Strengthen training and education, and improve safety regulations and systems mainly including safety education and training of personnel, establishment of safety regulations and systems, and safety supervision of equipment.
In summary, although China's textile machinery industry is developing very well, in the domestic market, it faces competition from high-end products from developed countries; in the export market, it is mainly based on the primary trade method of processing trade, which can be said The safety problems facing China's textile machinery and equipment are more complicated. It takes some time to solve various problems faced by China's textile machinery and equipment. Only by actively developing basic industries, increasing product reliability, increasing R&D investment, and producing high-value-added products with independent brands can we ensure the safety of China's textile machinery and equipment .

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