Types of spun yarn forming defects and how to eliminate them


Spinning yarn is a finished product produced by the spi […]

Spinning yarn is a finished product produced by the spinning department. As a part of spinning quality control, what types and elimination methods are there for spun yarn forming defects?
Good spun yarn winding and forming should meet the requirements of tight winding, separation of layers, no entanglement, and ease of unwinding. The package capacity of the bobbin should be as large as possible to reduce the doffing of the spinning process and the tube change in the post-processing process. Frequency, improve equipment productivity and labor productivity. However, in the actual production process, some poorly formed bobbins are often produced due to poor mechanical conditions and lax operation management. There are mainly the following types.
1. The production and elimination method of head and foot yarn
The main causes of yarn risers and feet are: the doffing time is not well controlled; the height of the ring plate is uneven; the position of the ring plate is too low; the size of the eye of the tube is inconsistent, which causes the height of the tube to be different; when the yarn is small Jumping bobbin (the bobbin is not inserted tightly during doffing, the bobbin is broken, the thread is wrapped around the spindle, the spindle is shaking or the hemp rod is wound); the ring is floating; the bobbin is inserted too tightly, and the yarn is pulled out when the doffing Take the risk.
Elimination method: Strictly control the doffing time according to the situation of the riser and feet; correct the starting position and level of the ring plate; remove the wire waste on the spindle; strengthen the maintenance and management of the bobbin, which can greatly reduce the rise, Sausage yarn.
2. The production and elimination of gourd yarn and pen-shaft yarn
The main reasons for the production of gourd yarn are: inverted ring plate; forming gear claw failure; forming cam wear out too much; ring plate lifting column sleeve flying blockage; ring plate lifting and frustration; or by empty spindles (empty roving, broken Spindles, broken aprons, broken top rollers, laboratory sampling and other parts damaged unrepaired, etc.) caused by factors such as jointing after a period of time. The pen yarn is mainly formed by a certain number of broken ends of a spindle.
Elimination method: According to the cause, strengthen mechanical maintenance and repair, and the lathe worker strictly implements the operating procedures and pays attention to the cleaning of the machine.
3. The production and elimination method of grinding steel collar yarn
Grinding steel collar yarn is also called fat yarn or belly yarn. Due to the friction between the bobbin and the ring, the yarn is worn or broken, which brings great difficulties to the post-processing. Causes: excessively large bobbins or improper selection of forming gears; crooked spindles or bobbin tubes; forming gear claw action failure; ring plate lifting column rolling; weakly twisted yarn; reversed ring plate and individual spindle steel wire Wrong circle (too light), etc.
Elimination method: Strictly control the cop forming to make it compatible with the ring size. Generally, the cop diameter should be less than 3mm of the ring diameter. Eliminate the factors that produce bobbing tubes and weakly twisted yarns, implement the operation method; strengthen the itinerant inspection and repair, and improve the quality of the machine level repair.

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