What are the characteristics of wool yarn


(1).What are the characteristics of wool yarn?    Wool […]

(1).What are the characteristics of wool yarn?

   Wool itself is a material that is easy to curl. Its advantage is that it is soft, and the fibers are tightly interlocked with each other to form a ball, which can produce heat preservation effect. Generally speaking, wool is white. Although it can be dyed, some types of wool are naturally black, brown, etc. Wool itself is absorbent and can absorb water equivalent to one-third of its weight. Because of this, the wool itself is not easy to be burned, and has the effect of fire prevention. Wool fiber is soft and elastic, and can be used to make woolen cloth, woolen yarn, blankets, felts and other textiles. Wool products have the characteristics of hand feeling and good warmth retention.

(2). Identification of wool yarn fabric

  The pure wool fabric has natural and soft color and good warmth retention effect. It is the fabric for making suits and coats. However, there are more and more imitation wool fabrics. With the improvement of textile technology, it has reached a level that most customers are difficult to identify, but the color, warmth, hand feel, etc. are far behind pure wool fabrics. Here are a few ways to identify pure wool fabrics for your reference when choosing clothing and fabrics.

1. Feeling of touch. Pure wool fabrics usually feel soft and smooth, and long-haired fabrics feel smooth to the touch and feel tingling against the hair. And some blended or purified fiber products are not soft, some are too soft and loose, and have a sticky feeling.

2, look at the color. The color of pure wool fabric is natural and soft, bright and not old. In contrast, blended or purified fiber fabrics have darker gloss or a sense of flashing color.

3, look at flexibility. Hold the object tightly with your hands, and then immediately let go to see the elasticity of the fabric. Pure wool fabrics have a high resilience rate and can quickly return to their original state, while blended or chemical fiber products have poor performance, mostly leaving obvious wrinkles or slow recovery.

4. Identification of combustion method. Take a bunch of yarn and burn it with fire. The smell of pure wool fiber is like burning hair, and the smell of chemical fiber fabric is like burning plastic. The harder the burned particles, the more chemical fiber content.

5. Single root identification. All animal hairs are scaly under the microscope. If it is a long-haired fabric, just take a mammoth and rub it a few times as shown in the picture above, and it will move up or down (in order to master this technique, you can first make a hair Test), if it is a normal fabric, take out a yarn, cut two 2 cm sections and disassemble them into individual fibers, rub them four or five times in the palm of your hand to see if they move

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