What are the main uses of colored silk


Polyester silk materials in the Pearl River Delta and t […]

Polyester silk materials in the Pearl River Delta and the Yangtze River Delta are widely used in textile companies. Of course, its appearance can not only bring better comfort to our clothes, but also make the clothes more beautiful and moving. Let’s talk about the main uses of colored polyester yarn!   

It has many Very important characteristics, including good fastness, no need for dyeing, etc. The most important thing is that this kind of silk is completely environmentally friendly and pollution-free, so it is widely used in the wool textile industry. And it can spin clothes with all kinds of fine wool, so that the clothes produced will be more close-fitting and more comfortable to wear on the body. Now many textile clothes on the market have been added. Moreover, the garments spun out in this way can return to the original state well after washing with water. Make every wear have the same feeling, this is one of the main effects of colored low-stretch yarn.

Now more and more people will choose this material when buying clothes in the summer. Another feature of colored polyester yarn is that it will not fade easily. Many friends know that some cotton clothes are prone to fade in the process of use. It will bring trouble to many people. The coloring process of colored polyester yarn is very advanced, and it uses some advanced coloring technology. No matter how we wash it during use, there will be no problems.

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