What is the difference between nylon and polyester


The difference between nylon and polyester Polyester 1. […]

The difference between nylon and polyester


1. Polyester fabric has high strength and elastic recovery ability. Therefore, it is durable, wrinkle-resistant and non-ironing.

2. Polyester fabric has poor hygroscopicity and has a sense of stuffiness while wearing. At the same time, it is easy to be charged with static electricity and contaminate dust, which affects its appearance and comfort. However, it is very easy to dry after washing, and the wet strength hardly drops, does not deform, and has good wash and wear properties.

3. Polyester is the best heat-resistant fabric among synthetic fabrics. It is thermoplastic and can be made into pleated skirts with long-lasting pleats. At the same time, polyester fabrics have poor melting resistance and are prone to forming holes in the presence of soot and sparks. Therefore, try to avoid contact with cigarette butts and sparks when wearing.

4. Polyester fabric has good light resistance. In addition to being worse than acrylic, its light resistance is better than natural fiber fabrics. Especially the light fastness behind the glass is very good, almost as good as acrylic.

5. Polyester fabric has good resistance to various chemicals. Acids and alkalis do not damage it too much, and they are not afraid of molds and insects.


1. The wear resistance of nylon fabric ranks first among all kinds of fabrics, many times higher than other fiber fabrics of similar products, so its durability is extremely good.

2. The hygroscopicity of nylon fabric is a better variety among synthetic fiber fabrics, so the clothes made of nylon are more comfortable to wear than polyester clothes.

3. Nylon fabric is a light fabric, which is only listed after polypropylene and acrylic fabrics in synthetic fiber fabrics. Therefore, it is suitable for making mountaineering clothes and winter clothing.

4. Nylon fabric has excellent elasticity and elastic recovery, but it is easy to deform under a small external force, so its fabric is easy to wrinkle during wearing.

5. Nylon fabrics have poor heat resistance and light resistance. Pay attention to washing and maintenance conditions during wearing and use to avoid damage to the fabric.

Is polyester mesh good or nylon mesh good?

Nylon generally has better elasticity! Dyeing temperature at 100 degrees is fine! Use neutral or acid dyes. The high-resistance is worse than polyester, but its strength is better, and it is good against pilling! The color of the smoke is white when it is burned with fire. The polyester burned up with a puff of black smoke, followed by black ash. The dyeing temperature is 130 degrees (high temperature and high pressure), and the hot melt method is generally baked below 200 degrees! The main feature of polyester is good stability. Generally, adding a small amount of polyester to clothes can help anti-wrinkle and plasticity. The disadvantage is that it is easy to be static and easy to pilling. However, these shortcomings of the improved polyester have been improved.

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