FDY 4800D bright silk carpet yarn Factory

Factory Founded in 2002, the company has more than 200 employees and an annual output of more than 30,000 tons.
Quality Passed SGS, OEKO-100 and other international certifications.
Production specifications

1:Bright polyester shaped yarn (colored and colorful)
Multi-strand bright silk FDY 300D-4800D
Multi-strand bright silk DTY 300D-4800D

2: Colored shrink yarn (semi-gloss with bare goods) 300D-4800D

3: DTY (colored or colorful) multi-strand network yarn

4:D2-D18 300D/576F/(4-8)*2

5:M6-M18 150D/288F/2*6-18

Application area Carpets, blankets, etc.

FDY 4800D bright silk carpet yarn Introduction

Professional polyester carpet yarn producer
1:Polyester carpet yarn FDY 300D-4800D
2:Polyester carpet yarn(FDY+DTY)900D-4800D
3:Polyester carpet shrink yarn 300D-4800D
4:D2-D18 300D/576F/(4-8)*2

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Production process
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